Green Means Go Promo Video

We love to show you what it's like to have Green Means Go at your wedding or event: seriously good fun! Here’s a few of our recent highlights…

Anne Marie, Chris, and a surprise that was months in the making. Last October, Chris came to us with a bold plan. When your new wife-to-be is a big Mumford and Sons fan, and you want to do something special for your second dance, what do you do?

You spend months secretly learning to play the banjo, and weeks sneaking off to rehearse with Green Means Go, that's what.

Set in the stunning Cabra Castle, with a rocking first dance, a Metallica surprise for the groom, and hours of singing, dancing and general shenanigans - we can confirm: those kilts were worn 'traditionally' - it was definitely a night to remember.

What an incredible night with Melissa, Vince and all their guests at the stunning Ulster Museum! 

What an unbelieveable night with these two! It's fair to say we grew quite fond of Laura & Séamus, and with Séamus' brother Patrick singing The Beatles' 'Real Love' for their first dance, it was a special evening all round!
A beautiful night had with the brilliant Catherine & Francis at the stunning Riverdale Barn. Dancing, singing, floral headband exchanges and trouser legs pulled up, AC/DC style. Excellent fun! (And as usual, all the audio was recorded there and then, on the night).